What Is HGH – Approved Dosages that are Safe and Where to get them Legally

What Is HCGAs early as the 1980s, prescription drugs containing synthetically produced body enhancing compounds had their debut. This meant that it was possible to access substances like insulin which had been developed in the lab. This treatment method served as one of the most successful stories in the history of medicine. But while some were genuinely making use of the method, others saw it as a way to make quick money. Suddenly, there sparked claims of many other enhancement pills, creams, and even injections. This was boosted further by the invention of the internet and consequently online marketing.

Pretty much the same thing happened with HGH. Although it had already been approved by the FDA, it only should be used according to the directions of a doctor. This should be to either cure or prevent a medical condition. The funny thing is that the larger percent of HGH users use it either for the wrong purposes or access it illegally.

What is HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?

When a person is growing up, the growth process is under the control of substances known as hormones. These substances are produced naturally in the body. One of such substances is known as HGH, (human growth hormone). It accounts for the rapid but controlled cellular division that takes place in earlier stages on a person’s life especially at childhood. In simple terms, HGH is the hormone responsible for controlled and maintained growth in humans. Decline in the production of the hormone gradually increases with the onset of later stages of life. This can be seen in slower muscle regeneration, reduced metabolism and even in poor maintenance of blood sugar in old people. For this reason, a synthetic form of HGH has been produced and can be taken in a prescription drug form. So what is HGH? Well, it is a growth hormone that can be accessed in synthetic forms.

What does HGH do?

It is rare for a hormone to have a single responsibility in the body. Below are the various responsibilities of HGH in the body:

  • What does HGH doGrowth – This has been slightly discussed earlier in this article. Growth is in terms of generation of new muscles and regeneration of damaged ones. It also covers the development and strengthening of bones, especially during childhood.
  • Physical fitness – This is achieved by balancing the levels of fluids, muscles, fats, and bones in a human body. A decline or an excess of any one of these will probably bring about a syndrome.
  • Regulation of metabolic activities – Metabolism largely stands for the conversion of fat to usable energy in the body. This is the process that makes the energy necessary for cellular functions to be carried out.

These are the main responsibilities of HGH. Some answers to what does HGH include heart functions and regulation of the body’s blood pressure. Note that these functions occur naturally in the body. They have little or nothing to do with the artificial forms of the hormone available in prescription medications.

So what does HGH do? In its natural forms, HGH will bring about the aforementioned explained effects. However, most users use it for the following:

  • Energy booster: this is where HGH is used to increase the rate at which stored fats are converted into energy. This type of HGH use is common in athletes and people taking part in physically demanding activities.
  • Weight loss: this is achieved by increasing the rate at which available energy in the body is used. As you may already know, weight loss is associated with the amount of body fats stored under a person’s tissues. When body fats are burned in the metabolic process, weight loss is achieved.
  • Blood sugar regulation: in simple terms, blood sugar stands for the amount of usable energy (glucose) available in the blood system. HGH can be taken or injected into the body to control it.
  • Manipulating the amount of fat in the body: this includes boosting weight loss
  • Reducing hair loss: this includes the various changes that human hair experiences at old age. They include baldness, scattering of hair, and hair color change.
  • General enhancement: this includes better performances in bed, work, athletics, and the like. Some even use it to have better sleep and memory management.

No doctor will prescribe you to take HGH for any of the above reasons. This is commonly referred to as abuse of HGH and should be avoided through any means possible. Note that you will be interfering with normal body functions, something that will for the larger part have bad consequences.

Where to get HGH without taking risks with your health and money

HGH can be accessed through a prescribed dosage or in the form of hormone-free drops. It will be up to you to decide which of the two forms you desire most.

Where to get HGH without takin risksThe first method involves actual HGH pills or even injections. You should not worry if you currently do not have a prescription. You can get the same over the internet. Many companies employ online doctors who can go through your medical history and develop a prescription for you online.

The other method, the hormone-free drops is a bit different. It involves homeopathically stimulating the body to produce natural HGH. This means that you will be taking natural products and herbal remedies that are free from artificial forms of the hormone but ones which will make you produce it.

It is best that you find more information on these two forms if you still are unclear on which of the two is the best for you. Both are available over the internet. In fact, accessing them online is the best and fastest method to use. This doesn’t eradicate the possibility of accessing the same in a nearby local shop. It is just that purchasing it online takes care of transportation costs and the probable fees for consultation.

When all is said and done, it is important that we look at some of the qualities you should look for in the final source. You should consider the following characteristics when determining the best place to get HGH:

  • Choose a nutraceutical company when looking for best natural HGH. Such companies should be operating legally, to ensure that all the laws of practicing homeopathy treatments are observed.
  • Ensure that the source requires that you provide a prescription for the dosage. Remember what we discussed about accessing an online doctor who can develop such a prescription for you? That and the fact that all the private medical details you provide should be treated with ultimate discretion.
  • The source should be reputable. Take the example of Walmart; odds are low that you will buy low-quality products from such a retailer. This generally means that the source is paying special attention to the quality of their products and services.
  • It should be offering reasonably priced dosages. This can be achieved by discounts and free coupons.
  • At no time should you fail to get the help and support information you may be in need of. This includes information on what you should or should not include in your diet while using HGH dosages.

Is HGH legal?

HGH legalThe use of HGH is legal. In fact, it has been legal for more than 20 years now since approval for its use was first issued by FDA. However, there is the need to define what sort of use we are talking about here.

You will not be doing anything illegal if a doctor uses HGH on you to treat a medical condition. Much the same case is if you are to access HGH dosages under the guidelines provided in a prescription. But as I said earlier, a smaller percentage of users are more interested in performance enhancement rather than medical oriented uses of HGH. Is HGH legal? It is but only when it is accessed and used under a prescription.

Is HGH illegal?

HGH is illegal when used or accessed in various conditions. They include:

  • When used as a dietary supplement.
  • When used for enhancing performance.
  • If used or accessed without the guidelines provided by a doctor or from a prescription.
  • When used to combat the effects of natural aging.

Is HGH illegal? Yes, it is but only under some circumstances, most of which have been listed above. In fact, the FDA seriously discourages any illegal use of the HGH.

Is HGH safe?

HGH safeThe fact that the FDA has approved the access and use of HGH is a strong indication of its safety. It is the conditions in which HGH is accessed and how it is used which are up for questioning. For example, various syndromes that affect actively growing children can be treated using HGH. The same goes in any event that the gland responsible for producing the hormone fails, which is something that occurs regularly.

Sometimes, HGH is used to treat any condition or disease that may bring about the wasting of muscles. Such happens in cases of diseases like HIV.

There are unending contradictions as to whether HGH is safe all the same. Some research findings have associated it with countless side effects. To make the matters worse, there are not many such findings to compare the results. There even have been claims that prolonged use of HGH is a predisposing factor for cancer. So is HGH safe? Well, we can say that it depends on what your doctor decides. This is of course after examining your current medical health status.

You should not take the unnecessary risk of using un-prescribed forms of HGH. This includes HGH weight loss dosages and other dietary supplement forms. Ensure that you have gotten a prescription. The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to appear physically in a clinic to get a prescription.